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Why it’s Important to Spend Time Outdoors

With most of our days spent indoors self-isolating due to the current health crisis, it's easy for our kids to get attached to their tech gadgets, while forgetting about the world outside. While it...
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3 Ways to Make Chores Fun for Kids

Chores are not really fun... for adults or for kids. But since we're at home anyway, we can make the best out of it and have some fun while we're tidying up. Doing chores with your children also te...
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3 Fun Activities for the Backyard

I think we can all agree that fresh air is so important to everyone, adults and kids alike. Our backyards may be one of the easiest ways to get it, but how many things can you actually do until you...
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3 Ways to Love Our Earth from Home

Happy World Earth Day! We're chilling at home these days, which means less disposable coffee cup consumption, less plastic bag usage, less car pollution, etc. (yay)!!! There are always more simple ...
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#STONZFAMILY Mom Pays it Forward

Meet Elise Rubino - mama to Kian (21 months old) and a special educator living in a small town just outside of Burlington, Vermont, USA. She and her family love the outdoors and spend as much time ...
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5 Daily Habits if You're in a Slump

Does anyone feel like they’re in a slump? I do. We’re all trying to do our part in flattening the curve, which means most of us are staying at home. Although it’s great to be back with the kids ful...
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8 Tips & Activities for Staying Indoors

Due to recent events, lots of parents are at home with their children 24/7. As time passes on, you might find yourself running out of ideas to entertain your kids daily while staying sane inside yo...
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To Our Stonz Family

We know it's an overwhelming time with news surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) pandemic. Above all else, we want to take care of each other and this takes us working together. To ensure...
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3 Easy Hot Cocoa Recipes for Busy Parents

Well, I'm pretty sure that everyone likes chocolate (almost everyone at least)... so I searched around and found some hot chocolate recipes for you to whip up in a jiffy. There are different option...
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How Do I Teach My Kids About Sustainability?

Today, sustainability and climate change are quickly encapsulating our lives. No matter where we live, we're starting to see the effects of pollution, single-use plastics, and other factors that ar...
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Thanksgiving Special: Simple Self-Care Ideas

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and guess what? It's also Mental Health Awareness Week. We at Stonz want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are so thankful for you and t...
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Sayonara Summer, Hello Fall!

As we say goodbye to the tail end of summer, autumn rolls around with crisp air, colourful leaves, and a new wave of things to do in the new season! 
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Playing Under the Rain

With summer almost over, rainy season approaches and with it really soggy days. Kids will be bored and trapped inside, but why? 
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Getting ready for Back to School

These transactions can be hard but at the same time, it's an amazing experience for both of you. So our greatest tip is to get ready for lots of emotions and enjoy each step of it. It's truly incre...
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Simplicity of having FUN!

There is something about the simplicity of life and outdoor fun. Recent studies are showing children would prefer collecting seashells or rocks, and playing tag instead of partaking in costly, plan...
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Raising Active Children!

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between the increase in screen time and decrease in physical activity. And children’s physical, mental and social development are directly asso...
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Bring Back the 90's Summer!

As parents, we want to make sure our children get the most out of their summers—that they enjoy all that life and nature can offer.
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Summer Is Coming!

It’s said that we have 18 summers with our kids, which may seem like a lot but we all know how fast time flies by. So, make sure you take the time to capture your summertime fun by taking photos - ...
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The Benefits of Nature for Children

Being outside in nature is directly linked to children's development in many ways. Experiencing nature is also a great opportunity for families to get some exercise and have fun together.
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Less screen, more green!

Limiting children’s screen time can be a real challenge and can sometimes result in upset and frustration. We've pulled together a list of ideas to make it easier to reduce screen time and increase...
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