The Benefits of Nature for Children

Experience nature!

Being outside in nature is directly linked to children's development in many ways. Experiencing nature is also a great opportunity for families to get some exercise and have fun together.

Get Outside Together!

Years ago, children were running around neighborhoods, playing hide and seek, climbing trees and chasing fireflies after dark. But now, with so many interesting things to do on a device, it can be difficult to tear them away from screens and get them outdoors. So, how can you encourage them to spend more time outside? Go outside with them, have some fun activities planned and play as a family! Parenting can be tiring sometimes but play is good for everyone. So join your children in some activities and let your inner child have fun too!

benefit of nature

Research shows kids who spend time outside in nature are:

Happier: Studies show sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity all improve children's moods. This is also valid for the parents and here is the importance of being part of all these adventures with your little ones.
Healthier: Vitamin D is very important for kid's and adult's healthy development and being outside is the best way to get the most of it and it also impacts on a better mood and sleep. Pediatricians recommend at least an hour of active physical play daily during childhood to protect against obesity and diabetes.
Better vision: An increasing proportion of children are being prescribed corrective eyewear. While it is tempting to assume that the increase of screen time is the culprit, it's actually due to a deficiency of the sunshine vitamin.
Better students: Research shows that kids who play outdoors actually have longer attention spans, more frustration tolerance, and do better in school. Kids even do better on tests if they are allowed to play first. It's not just that it gets their wiggles out. It's all that oxygen to the brain.
More creative: Outdoor play is often less structured than what kids do indoors with technology, so kids exercise their imaginations as well as their bodies.


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