3 Fun Activities for the Backyard

3 Fun Activities for the Backyard


I think we can all agree that fresh air is so important to everyone, adults and kids alike. Our backyards may be one of the easiest ways to get it, but how many things can you actually do until your kiddos get bored? 

Fear not! We have a couple of unique ideas for the whole family so everyone has fun while getting a daily dose of sunshine.


1. Draw or Paint What You See 

 Everyone's backyard is different, and there's ALWAYS something new to draw (which is what makes this so fun)! Once a day, get your kid to draw or paint something that they see - this could be a bird, bug, tree, rock, dirt, etc. 

If this becomes a habit, you can challenge yourselves to find something new to draw everyday. Make sure you keep everything dated so you can keep a log and have a visual diary of all the days you spend in the backyard.


2. Play with Rocks 

When I was younger, I examined and played with rocks for hours. I remember even finding some rocks with holes scattered all over it and calling them "moon rocks from space". 

For us, rocks may seem boring, but kids can feel all their different textures, examine every crevice, group them by color, stack them on top of each other. There's so many learning and sensory opportunities from something so simple, so don't write them off too fast! 


3. Set Up Camp

Since camping season is basically cancelled, why not bring it to your own backyard? 

Set up your tent and do some camp activities - play card games, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories, star gaze, cook outside, there are so many possibilities. If you don't have a tent, feel free to use a couple of sticks and a picnic blanket or tapestry and DIY your own campground paradise. 


As long as we stay creative and think outside the box, we'll never get bored. Let us know if you try any of these tips or if you have any tips of your own! Tag us on Instagram or let us know on Facebook



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