How can we help you? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you still need help, send us an email at customerservice@stonz.com 


    What are your shipping costs?

    For a breakdown of our shipping costs, please click here.

    What are the countries that Stonz can ship to? 

    Stonz ships to:

    • Canada and all its territories
    • United States

    For more information, please visit our Shipping page.

    Does STONZ ship to PO Box?

    Stonz does not ship to PO BOXES. You need a physical address to receive your merchandise. 



    Does Stonz offer returns?

    Stonz accepts returned items purchased on www.stonzwear.com within 30 days of delivery. You will receive a refund via the original payment method for the price of the item and applicable taxes, excluding shipping costs. 

    • All merchandise must be in its original condition (unwashed, unworn and with tags attached)
    • In the original packaging
    • Stonz does not accept any exchanges
    • Gifts or promotional (on sale) items are not returnable!
    • The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges

    How do I return an order?

    If your product is eligible for a return, please visit the Stonz Return Center  and follow these steps: 

    • Enter your order number and email address in the fields above and click Start
    • Follow the instructions and select the items you want to return
    • You will get a confirmation email with the shipping guidelines once the return request is approved. 

    How soon will I get my refund?

    Once your return is received and inspected, we will notify you via email. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

    If you are approved, your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to the original payment method within five working days.



  • Can I cancel or change my order?

    Our goal is to have your order on its way to you as soon as possible. As such, You are allowed to edit or cancel your order within 1 hour of placing them.

    Please be sure to double-check that you have chosen the correct sizes and that your shipping address is complete.

    What does it mean if a product is a “Final Sale”?

    All of our Sale items are a Final Sale, which means that they cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund or credit.

    Before purchasing a Final Sale item, please make sure you order the correct size for your little one. As sizing can vary from brand to brand, please be sure to visit our Sizing Guide page to ensure the perfect fit. 

    How are sales taxes calculated?

    We charge taxes according to your location. If you shop within Canada, we will follow the Canadian Tax rules and apply them according to your province. We also apply GST (Federal tax) on all Canadian orders.

    We do not charge taxes if you are in the US, as we are a Canadian company. However, please note that duties might apply if you exempt the $800 order limit.


    My order has been flagged for a fraud check, what does this mean?

    Due to high volumes of fraudulent charges, we have received in the past, we want to make sure we are taking the steps to protect our customers as well as our company. 

    We use a company called Beacon Fraud Protection, which reviews all orders that come through our system. If your order is flagged, it means some of the information on your order is suspicious, or that your profile matches that of a similar fraud order we've previously seen. In most cases, the system might flag your order if you are using a credit card that has a different billing address than your shipping address, or if the name on either is different than the billing details of your credit card. I hope you can understand why we're being cautious to double check that these order details are correct!

    To proceed with your order, we do have to verify your information. Please call us at 1-866-397-8669 to speak to a Customer Service Specialist or send us an email at customerservice@stonz.com that includes your order number with one or both items listed below

    1. Piece of mail showing the Billing Name and address or
    2. A copy of the credit card statement showing the name and address that matches the purchaser.

    Once a member of the team has assisted you, we will get a response within 48 hours. After which your order will automatically proceed to processing (if approved) or cancelled (if not approved).


  • How do I receive a Gift Card?

    Our Gift Cards are digital and will be sent over email after payment. Please note it will be sent to the email address you use for the purchase.


  • Does Stonz offer a warranty on all products?

    We take pride in making products of the very highest quality. Our products carry a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship. For more information on our warranty process, click here.


    When buying Liners for the booties, what size of liners and booties should I buy?
    A: Bootie Liners take up approximately 1 cm of space inside the Booties. We recommend sizing up if you’re on the very edge of size measurement.  If you’re in the middle of the size or at the middle of the season, as the weather warms, not only will your liner have packed out a little, giving more room, but you will not need the liner as you come out of winter and spring begins, giving you even more room for feet to spread.  Also, the booties are made of flexible materials that allow for growth and can flex as needed.  Our size charts offer full measurements and age indications and assist you. Go to our SIZING GUIDE page for printable guides if you need further assistance.
    Are Stonz Booties waterproof?
    A: We originally developed the Stonz Booties to fill a gap in a child’s life when their feet are so chubby and flexible they don’t fit into traditional hard-soled and inflexible footwear.  We make Booties to keep cold out, wind out, and stay on when kids hang in a pack or sling, sit or run around and be active.  The soles on the booties for one year and older are made of a 400 Denier coated nylon upper, making them rain and wind-resistant but not waterproof. As the Booties are not fully seam-sealed, water can eventually seep through if used in wet weather or puddle jumping. 
    A (TODDLER BOOTIES): Stonz Booties are made of a 400 Denier coated nylon upper, making them rain and wind-resistant, but not waterproof. As the Booties are not fully seam-sealed, water can eventually seep through if used in wet weather or puddle jumping. Sizes Medium and up have a waterproof sole.
    Are the Baby Booties (size Small) suitable for walking?
    A: Soft-soled shoes have been recommended by experts for developing feet because the flexibility allows them to grip, balance and stand with additional room inside their footwear. Stonz Booties feature an outer sole made with grippy, SlipNOT material and a fleece-lined inner.  
    Is there a temperature rating for Stonz Booties?
    A: While Stonz Booties have no official temperature rating, they are widely used in Northern Canada, Eastern North America, Scandinavia, and Finland. When paired with Stonz Bootie Liners, children can play in the snow for long periods and stay warm and cozy! In places that experience mild winters, Booties are great with bare feet or socks. However, we recommend the Stonz Baby or Toddler Puffer Booties with an extra insulation layer if you face harsh winters.

    Are the Booties safe to use in the snow?
    A: Yes! Our Booties are suitable for the snow as the soles are made of rubberized SlipNOT™ material, making them skid-resistant and water-resistant. To ensure that little feet will stay warm in the snow, we recommend purchasing the Liners with them as well.

    Is there a left and right Bootie?
    A: Yes - there is a left and a right on the Toddler Bootie. Turn the booties upside down and check the soles to see the correct foot. 

    What is the best way to make sure my Booties last a long time?
    A: One way of extending the life of your Booties is to depress the toggle fully so the elastic casing will not become worn over time. Another way to make sure your Booties last is to rinse them each time your kids walk on ground that may have been in contact with road salts. Keeping concrete wear to a minimum is also key to getting the maximum amount of life out of your Booties.

    What is the best way to clean the Booties?
    A: After exposure to road salt or dirt, flip the Booties inside out and toss them in the wash - Liners too! - on a gentle cycle. The Booties and Liners can either be air-dried or dried inside out in the dryer on no heat.

    What’s the difference between Botties and Puffer Booties?
     A: Our classic Bootie is made of 400D Nylon and lined with the softest fleece. Our Puffer Booties have an extra layer of insulation covered with 100% Ripstop Nylon with a PU coating, making them warmer than the classic Bootie. 
    When worn with Liners, the Puffer Booties can protect from freezing temperatures.

    What makes Stonz Mitts so warm?
    A: All Stonz Mitts are lined with 3M™ Thinsulate™ (150 grams per square meter of insulation), making them some of the warmest children’s mittens on the market. This form of insulation offers superior warmth, is soft and breathable so your little one remains comfortable and is highly durable.

    Are Stonz Mitts 100% waterproof?
    A:  Yes! - Our Mitts are made up of wind-resistant coated 400D nylon shell, which keeps wind and snow out of the Mitts. All of our Mitts are also 100% waterproof!

    Are the Baby Mitts as warm as Youth?
    - Both Baby and Youth Mitts have Thinsulate™  technology on them. Because of that, our Mitts have gained popularity in Norway and northern Canada, and that's why we can vouch that our Mitts keep hands warm even in extreme winter conditions! Find more information about ThinsulateTM here. 

    What is the best way to decide what size I pick for my child?
    A: Measuring your child’s hand from wrist to fingertip, then from elbow to fingertip is the best way to decide on the size. You can then take these measurements and use our virtual fitting room to find the best size.

    What is the difference between Baby and Kids Mitts?
    A: Our Baby Mitts feature a no-thumb design for maximum warmth and easy-on. Our Kid Mitts have a thumb, Slip-Not® grip on palms, fleece nose wipe, and covers the arms - perfect for little noses in the cold weather! 

    Why are these Boots so light?
    A: One of the most significant features of our Stonz Winter Boots is how incredibly light they are! They weigh 0.28 kg and 0.8 kg (0.62 lbs and 1.76 lbs) per pair. Thanks to the XFS sole, this makes Stonz Winter Boots as flexible as many children’s running shoes.

    Are the Trek Boots waterproof?
    A: The lower portion and soles of our Trek Boots are made of XFS, which is 100% waterproof. The upper of the Boots is made of 600D Nylon, which is water-resistant.

    How durable is this foam sole?

    A: Stonz Winter Boots are certified as having 2x the industry standard for skid resistance and 19x the industry standard for sole abrasion. Some of our customers walk up to their steep, icy driveways with no slipping in sight! Others have reported that their Boots are still in excellent condition after a whole winter of serious trekking on sidewalks and snow.
    Are the removable liners machine washable?
    A: Due to the complex construction of the Radiantex liners, it is best to hand-wash them with warm water and mild soap. If washing is necessary, gently hand-wash them inside out and let them dry completely before flipping them right-side-out and putting them back in the boots. *Tip: Stuffing newsprint inside can help draw the moisture out faster!*


    Why are Stonz Rain Boots made of Natural Rubber?
    A: We chose natural rubber because we believe in keeping toxins away from our little customers. They are made of natural rubber and are free of dangerous toxins, PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants & formaldehyde. In addition, our Rain Boots don’t off-gas and are safe for the bare skin of hands and feet.
    What is the difference between Natural Rubber and Regular Rubber?
    A: Beyond the safety and environmental reasons for choosing natural rubber, we also find it is more comfortable than plastic boots. It is more flexible and has more energy return for underfoot cushioning. These qualities make natural rubber better for developing feet that want a full range of motion without sacrificing protection from the hard ground.

    How should I store the Rain Boots during Summer?
    A: Being made with natural rubber, we recommend storing them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. That way, they’ll be ready for next season as soon as the puddles arrive!

    Are these free of toxins like lead?
    A: We are proud to say that our Rain Boots are free from PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants and formaldehyde. 

    Should I size up if I’m ordering the Rain Boot Liners?
    A: The Liners themselves are designed to fit the same-sized Rain Boots (ie, size 8T Rain Boot Liners will fit size 8T Rain Boots). Please note the liners add bulk to the Rain Boots, possibly increasing the size you’ll need to purchase. Please check our Virtual Fit charts for the best choice.

    How should I wash and care for Stonz products?
    Our products are all designed to be easy to care for - ideal for busy parents and active kids!

    Machine wash and dry inside out on delicate

    • Machine wash and dry inside out on delicate

    Machine wash and dry on a delicate setting with like colours

    Rain Boots
    When not in use, store them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight
     If inner lining becomes wet, allow to air dry
     If exposed to road salts or excessive dirt/mud, rinse with clean water

    Winter Boots
    • Clean outer with a soft brush or damp cloth

    Sun Suit
    • Machine wash inside out on delicate
    • Tumble dry on no heat
    • Do not iron
    • Do not bleach

    Rain Suit

    • Dry your Rain Suit before you store it
    • Machine wash inside out on delicate
    • Tumble dry on no heat
    • Do not iron
    • Do not bleach

  • How can I collaborate with Stonz?
    Stonz is always looking for bloggers and influencers passionate about our products to partner with. If you would like to work with Stonz, please send an email to marketing@stonz.com.

    How do I become a Stonz retailer?
    If you are a retailer and would like more information on how to carry Stonz in your store, please email us at wholesale@stonz.com.