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Keeping life simple is the key to happiness


There is something about the simplicity of life and outdoor fun. Recent studies are showing children would prefer collecting seashells or rocks, and playing tag instead of partaking in costly, planned excursions.  

(source: The Telegraph)

Kids Having Fun

Now, what does this tells us as parents? Well, it's definitely a big surprise to have such results in a world where we see more and more kids into video games, cell phones and any other technology that has a screen with no physical activity at all.

At the same time, we are seeing a change in children’s behavior leaning towards being more interested in physical and simple outdoor activities. The importance of playing outside brings so many positives to our children’s development such as improved senses, physical and mental health development, and anxiety control. Our role, as parents, is to always support and make sure our kiddos are getting this time to spend energy and being outside and, of course, enjoying it.



What’s great for kids development, is equally great for a parents pocketbook

Parents are dramatically impacting these choices, with their encouragement to choose to be outside, sharing in the experience and opening the opportunity up to do so. Studies indicate that parents plan at least one day trip or paid excursion per week over the summer holidays. The demands used for planning day trips and excursions add up in everything from admission fee’s to fuel. Which means staying local is also cost-effective Parent example is crucialfrom a financial and time perspective. Holiday’s where the school is out, can be expensive for families but doesn’t need to be. Take the lead from your youngsters, and enjoy the value of the simple everyday pleasures everyone enjoys. 


Here are some great tips for simple activities for the kids:  


Simple as it sounds. If you have a backyard or local park, be creative and make up different ways to play and spend all your children energy. Invite their friends, you'll be impressed with what they come up with. There’s nothing like a great game of Hike-and-seek or chase.

2. Water fight

Well, it's still summer in most places, so why not? Again, let them call their friends over for a big water balloon fight or a sprinkler. 

3. Flying a kite

Have fun watching the kids playing with a home made kite. There’s a certain satisfaction in having your own creation take flight.

4. Baking

Children’s imagination knows no boundaries. Who needs a hot oven and flour and eggs, when you can bake some delicious mud pies and rock cookies.

5. Puddle jumping

A classic! On a rainy day, nothing better than see our little ones have such fun jumping on puddles and making big splashes.


water play


Image Source: Stonz, Unsplash


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