3 Ways to Make Chores Fun for Kids

3 Ways to Make Chores Fun for Kids


Chores are not really fun... for adults or for kids. But since we're at home anyway, we can make the best out of it and have some fun while we're tidying up. Doing chores with your children also teaches them ways to help around the house and provides them with a sense of responsibility as well - I loved helping my parents around the house when I was little. So, without further ado, lets get to the tips! 


1. Teach them how to do their Laundry

Kids love acting like little adults - and doing their laundry is no exception. Try to guide them to drop any dirty clothing into their laundry basket, teach them how to separate colors and get them to help you load everything into the machine when you're ready to wash.

The more this becomes a regular habit, the more they will get used to the routine from a young age (which means less attitude when they're older). So start them up and dance to some music while you're at it! 


2. Play Games 

Kids love playing games so we can definitely turn tidying up into its own version of a friendly competition. If you have more than one kid, you can get them to race and see who's the fastest at putting toys back into their bins. Another idea is to hide little prizes or trinkets underneath rugs or their toys so when they clean everything up, they will uncover rewards for doing their chores.


3. Give Rewards

Everyone, no matter your age likes to be rewarded for their hard work. It makes people feel acknowledged, accomplished, and motivated to do it again in the future. Make sure you tell your kiddos how much of a good job they did and why, and spoil them once in a while with their favorite dessert. They won't forget it, and will slowly starting enjoying doing their chores little by little.


Those are some of our favorite tips for making chores fun with the whole family! Let us know if you try any of these tips or if you have any tips of your own! Tag us on Instagram or let us know on Facebook



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