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Bring Back the 90's Summer!

Bring Back the 90's Summer!

June 07, 2019

Reviving the Summers of the ‘90’s!

Summer Outside


With summer just ahead, it’s hard not to think back and remember the seemingly endless Summers we enjoyed in our youth. Do you remember your summer vacations as a kid? Running around the backyard, having ice cream with friends and playing outside until dark! The ’90s seemed like a simpler time and maybe they really were, without all the technology that’s calling for our attention in the present day.


As parents, we want to make sure our children get the most out of their summers—that they enjoy all that life and nature can offer. So, we put together a list of simple and fun summer activities for your little ones so they can share in some of our childhood memories and make some of their own.


90's Summer Ideas 

  1. Family road trip: If you have the opportunity to take a week off of work, go for a nice trip camping, to the mountains or a beach war location. Most importantly, a place where you are all alway of technology and screens so you can all focus on having great family time. Teach the children road trip songs you used to sing when you were little, we are sure they will love it.
  2. Play in the Backyard: Our backyard is a place with endless possibilities. Host a backyard fun afternoon with all their friends and full of activities like hide N seek, baseball, crafts, pool parties, storytelling, and hot dogs. No screens allowed.
  3. Beach Picnics: If you live close to a beach location take an afternoon to go and have a picnic. Invite other families from the neighborhood to join, kids love when their friends join them for summer adventures.
  4. Water Balloon fights: Who remembers that? Oh boy, nothing like a warm day with lots of water balloons and fun, fun fun!
  5. Backyard Camping: Invite friends for a backyard camping. Plan activities for the afternoon and then let them assemble tents and their own camping gear by themselves (always supervised, of course). This is super fun to watch and give them responsibility and independence. Again, no screens allowed.


Images: Stonz Wear / Unsplash

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