It's Cold.

Stay Warm & Dry.

Boots, Mitts, Hats, Snow Suits for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Young child in a pink coat, Stonz waterproof over-the-arm mitts and Stonz Trek Winter Boots in black, walks on a snowy path into a wooded area.
Young child in a pink coat, Stonz waterproof over-the-arm mitts and Stonz Trek Winter Boots in black, walks on a snowy path into a wooded area.

Save on Winter Essentials

Get your final winter gear or stock up for next year & save now!
Choose your favorite styles & make sure your little one's feet stay warm, dry & comfortable with the best kids winter boots!

Stonz Trek Winter Boots in Heather Grey with black accents. Warm snow boots for children.

We Promise...

To help raise your child to be adventures, go-getters, explorers, or whatever else they dream up when they experience the outdoors. All while giving moms (including Mother Nature of course) the respect they deserve. Because nothing is more frustrating than getting your child ready when they just can’t get those shoes on.

Stonz, making the outdoors easy for parents and children with apparel, footwear, and accessories that are:

Kid certified

Award-winning, durable technology that is tailored for your little one’s comfort. Parents and kids tell us that they reach for Stonz first - helping you get outside without the fuss.

Protect developing feet

Proud to be the only children's footwear company to be USA Podiatric Seal Certified and Canadian Podiatric Seal Certified. We truly care about protecting your little one's tootsies.

Vegan & non-toxic

Earth-friendly products and a dedicated commitment to protecting people and our playground - the outdoors.

365 day warranty

We take pride in making premium long-lasting products. They last so long that you can pass them along when your little one outgrows them.

Baby Shoes

√ New soft-sole baby shoes
√ Vegan suede grippy sole
√ Goes on easy, stays on
√ Wide opening with soft elastic

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Infant visible from ankles down, is held by caregiver and is wearing Stonz Willow soft-soled vegan baby shoes, a pull apart slip on moccasin style shoe for infants.
Infant sits on a white blanket, wearing Stonz Willow soft-soled vegan baby shoes, surrounded by Stonz baby shoe assortment of pull apart slip on moccasin style shoes.
Stonz Linden baby shoe in Haze Pink, pull apart, slip-on shoe for infants with soft soles to support developing feet.

Tiny feet need comfy footwear

Our new soft baby shoes slip on, stay on and always feature a vegan suede sole to provide the grippy support babies need as they learn to pull up, stand, cruise & take first steps. Discover our newest designs: Willow & Linden

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Infant visit from chest up, holds Stonz Linden baby shoes and playfully chews on the side of the shoe, showing it's non-toxic & vegan attributes.

Loved by
kids and
nature too.

√ Specifically designed for KIDS
√ Non-toxic, made of Vegan Materials
√ Durable & Premium Quality
√ Award Winner and Certified

Two children stand in snowy area, holding snow balls, one eats some, wearing Stonz over-the-arm mitten-style gloves in Evergreen and Woodland pattern.
A female toddler visible from mid-calf down, sits in a wooded area wearing a pink cotton tights, no shoes. A pair of Stonz Natural Rubber Rain Boots in wildflower pattern with Stonz fleece rain boot liners inside, lay next to her.