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Thanksgiving Special: Simple Self-Care Ideas

Thanksgiving Special: Simple Self-Care Ideas

October 11, 2019

5 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Super Moms

“There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either.” 


Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and guess what? It's also Mental Health Awareness Week. We at Stonz want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are so thankful for you and this community of strong moms that we are a part of. Our kids are one of the most important parts of our lives, but you are also important as well!

Being a mom is hard. You are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities - picking up toys, dropping off kids, household chores, running errands, working - which leaves little time for yourself. Most likely, your own self care is at the bottom of your priority list (if it’s on your list at all). We know, we know - you don’t have time. That’s why we came up with 5 easy ways for you to pamper yourself and get a breath of fresh air in the middle of your hectic day. 


 1. Move Your Body  

Take a little time out of your day in the morning for a quick stroll around the block or join a weekly yoga class. These activities allow you to stretch your legs even for 10-30 minutes and will help with both physical and mental health. Our personal favourite tip for the super busy moms is watching fitness or yoga YouTube videos straight from home. These activities will only take a little time out of your day, and we promise you will feel so much better after you get those endorphins running. Even better, get your kids to join along! 

2. Start your Morning with a Nice Drink…and not the Kind You’re Thinking of   

Making yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee or smoothie is a perfect way to start your morning. It puts you in the right head space for a day ahead (no matter how crazy it will get). Sip on your drink slowly, take everything in, look out your window and say to yourself “you got this”. 

3. Take Deep Breaths at a Stop Light  

This is for the moms that are always running errands - grocery shopping, dropping the kids off to soccer practice, picking up the dry cleaning. When it seems like you keep on doing everything for everyone else, take a few seconds just for you. This is a great way to sneak in some much-needed meditation and to check in with yourself. Inhale... exhale… focus on the present… and then jet off being the super mom you are! 


4. Write in a Journal 

Journaling is a great way to destress. Write about anything - how you’re feeling, what you’re proud of, what you’re not proud of, your aspirations, your favourite quotes, the possibilities are endless. By journaling for 10-20 minutes every day, you practice mindfulness and start learning more about yourself. Challenge idea: everyday, take a few minutes to jot down something that made you smile. It could be something as simple as a stranger opening a door for you at the mall or making chocolate chip cookies with your kids after school. Overtime, you tend to forget the little moments, but after you revisit these notes after a few months or even a year, you’ll be glad you took the time to cherish these memories! 


5. Reconnect with an Old Friend

When life gets too busy, we tend to lose touch with those around us. How could we keep up with all our college friends or old coworkers when we can hardly keep up with ourselves? With social media these days, though, it’s become so easy to talk to others. If you’re going to watch all those Instagram Stories while sitting on the couch anyway, why not reach out to one of them? Tell your friend you miss them and would love to grab a quick coffee one day. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning to a new stage of your friendship. 


Thanksgiving is all about reflection and realizing how blessed we are. While you may be thankful for a multitude of things, lots of people are also thankful for you too! No matter where we come from or what our backgrounds are, lots of moms have one thing in common: guilt. We are always blaming ourselves for not being good enough or letting something slip up, but we’re all human. At the end of the day, we’re just trying our best trying to raise our kids to be joyful and kind. By taking care of yourself, not only are you going to be happier in general, you will also be more equipped to take care of your family. We hope our pep talk and these tips will help you create some healthy habits for self care. Again, we’re proud of you and are so thankful for you super moms out there! 


If you happen to take any pictures or videos of your self care journey, we would love to see it. Tag us on Instagram or let us know on Facebook

Image source: Unsplash


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