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Let the sun

shine down on me.


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There is so much to see and explore. Protect their eyes with our kid certified, polarized and unbreakable sunglasses.
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We Promise...

To help raise your child to be adventures, go-getters, explorers or whatever else they dream up when they experience the outdoors. All while giving moms (including Mother Nature of course) the respect they deserve. Because nothing is more frustrating than getting your child ready when they just can’t get those shoes on.

We Promise...

Stonz, making the outdoors easy for parents and children with apparel, footwear and accessories that are:

Kid certified

Award winning, durable technology that is tailored for your little one’s comfort. Parents and kids tell us that they reach for Stonz first - helping you get outside without the fuss.

Protect developing feet

Proud to be the only childrens footwear company to be USA Podiatric Seal Certified and Canadian Podiatric Seal Certified. We truly care about protecting your little ones’ tootsies.

Vegan & non-toxic

Earth friendly products and a dedicated commitment to protecting people and our playground - the outdoors.

365 day warranty

We take pride in making premium long lasting products. They last so long you can pass them along when your little one outgrows them.

Get into gear, and take on the world!


The New
Cruiser Plus Shoes

The next step from the Cruiser. Customer inspired. Designed for bigger kids. Perfect for little explorers.


Loved by
kids and
nature too.

√ Specifically designed for KIDS
√ Non-toxic, made of Vegan Materials
√ Durable & Premium Quality
√ Award Winner and Certified